That None Should Perish Ministries
The Battle Within-2
Thank the Lord for Second Chances
(...and third, and forth, and...)
As I sat in church one morning singing "I went to the enemies camp and took back
what he stole from me" I started to think back on all the miracles the Lord has done in
my life. I have come from a life of dealing and using drugs, of hurting everyone around
me, mainly the ones I cared for the most. I remembered prayi
ng that God would help
me to
become a blessing to the ones around me and not a curse. That, instead of me
using my life to fulfill my selfish desires, that I would use it to share with the
other lost, desperate, and hurting people out there the hope and peace I have found in
Jesus. Today, instead of always being worried about only my problems, and my
concerns, I try to spend more time caring for the needs of others. Now don't get me
wrong, I'm no saint and I still fight this ugly flesh like everyone else, but today I try to
remember that if it wasn't for the Lord, I would not be here at all. Being saved from
more near death experiences than I can remember, I believe I am living on borrowed
time, time that is not my own. I know the Lord saved me because He loves me, but I
also know He saved me for much more. I believe He saved me so I could share what He
has done for a man the world had given up on, a man that was beyond hope, hopeless in
most of the world's eyes, even in my eyes most of my life. Well as I said, I still make
mistakes. But now I have learned that instead of after making a mistake, where I
would normally listen to the voices that would say "There you go again" or "You will
never change" or "There is no hope for you" I now pick myself up
(with His help), dust
myself off and go on. I continue moving forward, instead of what we are all tempted to
do, which is to sit down, give up, and generally fall back even farther. Today, with His
help, I can get up right where I fell and continue on, this time hopefully learning a
lesson from it, instead of just taking another beating. Today, I just don't give up, and
He hasn't given up on me either. And He will never give up on you. What an awesome
and gracious God we serve. I truly stand in awe of Him. I pray that each and every one
of us will be able to see ourselves through God's eyes, as the beautiful and strong men
and women of God that He made us all to be. May the scales be permanently removed
from our eyes and may we always pick ourselves up and keep moving forward, with His
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