The Battle Within
When will I follow in your ways
When will I withstand the storm of change

Will the valleys that I often dwell
Drag me straight to the path to hell

Lord, I don’t seem to have the strength to fight
When will I learn to use Your might

Here drowning I have often laid
Not yet grasping the price you paid

Not yet knowing what it means
To be a child of the living King

The crooked path my feet have walked
The wicked ways my flesh has sought

Feeding my desires to the bitter end
Never fulfilled, please never again

“A friend” he says, “I got your back”
But doom he brings as all fades to black

“There’s no hope” the voices say
“give it up, there’s just no way”

When will I learn to see the lies
To walk in truth and not despise

Not despise myself, only him
The father of lies, the serpent of sin

To know today, to let it sink deep within
The promises God has made, that I can surely

To march so softly, but so boldly will I stand
My purpose to fulfill, to bring hope to all the

For Jesus came to set the captive free
For He can do it for you, if He did it for me

Let us all see, the hope, the price He paid,
For He gave His life, what a sacrifice He made
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